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Communication With Other Life Is Possible

For thousands of years mankind has fantasized about being able to talk to the creatures of this world, also known as ‘interspecies communication’. The book and subsequent movies about “Dr. Dolittle” captured the world’s imagination with a wonderful story about whimsical person who was able to ‘talk to the animals’. But, actual communication with creatures of this world and others is not just a fictional fantasy. It is possible using the electromagnetic fields that naturally occur around all things as a universal language.

radio-telescope listening to the universeThe possibility of contact with other worlds has always been irresistible to us, so as our technology’s developed we’ve turned our attention to observing and listening to space for proof that ‘we are not alone’ in the universe. Scientists and engineers have tested hundreds of possible methods, spent billions of dollars and invested millions of man hours over the last few decades to communicate with others existing on other worlds in the vastness of the universe.

To date, efforts been wildly unsuccessful. One of the primary reasons for failure to establish contact with other life in the universe has been using the wrong approach. Yes, people have been listening and looking, but no one knowing what they should be listening or looking for, or more pertinently, how to process and comprehend the communication that they receive.

Communicating With Other Species

There are two basic types of communication that most known terrestrial life forms have in common. These are sounds (vibrations), and body language/signs (biosemiotics). For centuries we’ve improved our ability to relay our thoughts and feelings among our own species. We’ve gone from simple grunts and gross body movements, to extremely complex languages and interrelated forms of communication. We’ve even developed very basic communication with a number of domesticated species.

Interspecies Communication Is An Ancient Form Of Communication

Currently, we primarily use our vision and hearing to perceive information. We use movement and vocal chords to transmit information. The Theory of Interspecies Communication, another theory by W.E. Lewis, proposes that electromagnetically produced auroras can be used to communicate with other species, no matter what type, size, or from what part of the universe. Interspecies communication differs from conventional methods of communication, specifically because it’s entirely visual and it’s not a language in any real sense. It’s an understanding and use of electromagnetic auroras that are invisible to human eyes due to our ability to only see a narrow light spectrum.

Kirlian Photography - Interspecies Communication

Kirlian Method Of Photography

All things in the universe, both animate and inanimate, possess and exude electromagnetic fields that are also known as ‘auroras’ (often referred to as auras). These auroras are visible using the Kirlian method of photography and by observing the electromagnetic fields of Earth from space. These fields fluctuate in color, size, shape and intensity depending on environmental conditions.

Interspecies Communication Is An Advanced Form Of Electromagnetic Biosemiotics

Many species on earth are able to partially detect and understand the auroras around them and are immediately sensitive to changes in them. This ability to see beyond our light spectrum may be why some animals seem to be able to ‘see’ what we’re feeling as they observe our auroras change color and intensity. Developing the ability to see and comprehend the fluctuating fields flowing flow constantly all around us, and that subconsciously affect us, is critical to successful interspecies communication.

Accomplishing Interspecies Communication

To accomplish interspecies communication, the following steps must be followed:

The first step is to design and manufacture real time electromagnetic field observation and transmission technology, capable of accurately reading and recording the electromagnetic field activity patterns from stationary and mobile objects (much like an infrared camera).

The second step is taking a sample population of a select species to observe and record behaviors, and corresponding electromagnetic field fluctuations, constantly during its life cycle, with special attention paid to all aspects involved in cellular duplication/life cycles, and interaction.

The third step is to compile, organize, translate and categorize the accumulated data into a functional language.

The fourth step is to build a mobile transmitter.

The fifth step is using this language, via the developed transmitter, to communicate with the test species to confirm and validate communicative function.

a medical researcher looks through a microscope

Medical Breakthroughs Made Possible

Interspecies Communication will provide, in a very short period of time, a method that will allow humans to communicate quite accurately with the sampled species without sound, motion, or invasive procedures. Applying these principals at a cellular level has the potential to revolutionize medicine by making possible manipulating cells. The ability to communicate directly with cells will give physicians the ability to terminate disease and heal many conditions without ingesting/absorbing any chemicals, or through invasive medical procedures.

Applying these principles to communication with other species will inevitably lead to finally ‘hear’ and be able to respond to beings from other worlds, ushering in an age of sharing knowledge and culture with worlds beyond our own.

Interspecies Communication is plausible, provable and guaranteed to alter the future of mankind in profound ways.
~ W. Lewis

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