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The Stars Call To Us All

The topic of human ancestry is a very ancient debate, for humans are born questioning their ancestry. Since the very dawn of time children have asked adults, “Where do we come from?” And since the dawn of time adults have struggled to answer the children’s question. This website explores possible origins of man, humanity’s genetic quest to be the best and why we literally reach for the stars. Perhaps it will help you to understand why humanity feels such a strong primal connection to the distant stars above and why we sense that we’re such a special part of the universe.

Interspecies Communication - Universe Is Calling Us

So, let’s begin with what we do know. Though we’re unsure why, deep within us all far away galaxies seem to silently call to us. The dark reaches of space appear to beckon to us and therefore we dream, scheme and build machines to journey away from this world. No one knows why we want so desperately to flee free to infinity, or where it is we want to go, but everyone everywhere secretly wants to. And that makes our preoccupation with escaping Earth such a very peculiar preoccupation indeed. A preoccupation that’s particular to only one species on all of Earth. And that species is us. So, what is the ancestry of man?

How Did Humans Appear On Earth?

Well, given that there’s no one alive who’s old enough to provide a firsthand account of our ancestry on Earth, the best that we can do is to use the information that we have to deduce how we may have come to be here. Needless to say, there are a very great many opinions and beliefs about the ancestry of man. And those opinions and beliefs have led to many theories of human origin on Earth. The most popular modern theories about the ancestry of man are: Panspermia, Evolution, Creation, Divine Creation, Genetic Manipulation and Exile.

The Theory of Panspermia

The precursor to evolution, Panspermia states that we are the result of extraterrestrial microbes that traveled here most likely aboard some form of space debris, such as asteroids and/or meteorites.

The Theory of Evolution

The theory of evolution states that we evolved from primordial ooze and are the result of natural selection from among the homo sapiens of this world.

The Theory of Creation

The theory of creation states that we are an incidental act of creation – such as the Big Bang theory – that led to the existence of all life in the universe. While often confused with religions, historians agree that belief in creation as humanity’s origin predates any religion. In fact, the belief existed when human ancestors still lived in caves.

The Theory Of Divine Creation

The most popular theory currently, the theory of divine creation states that we were created by a divine being(s) or supernatural power(s). This theory is the foundation for many theological philosophies and religions such as those of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

The Theory Of Genetic Manipulation

The theory of genetic manipulation states that humanity is the result of genetic modification by alien life forms.

The Theory of Human Exile

The theory of human exile states that we were intentionally placed on this world around 60,000 years ago for good reason.

The Who, What, When, Where And Why

There’s little doubt that our origin includes some degree of evolution, creation and panspermia, but none of those theories are able to provide hard and indisputable scientific proof that their claim of human origin on Earth is correct. Historically documented alien visitation and contact gives credence to aliens possibly genetically engineering us for unknown reasons, but the theory of exile’s the only theory about the ancestry of man to provide absolute proof to substantiate its claim. In fact, a direct descendant of that proof is reading this right this moment.

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