Human Exile To Earth

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Earth Becomes A Prison Planet

“Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.” ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau

spaceships approaching Earth
To understand the theory of human exile put forward by W.E. Lewis, we must first understand that it’s very improbable that life dispersed throughout the universe selectively, so it’s very unlikely that we’re alone in the universe. If life exists on Earth it must also exist on other worlds. And the majority of alien life will likely share characteristics with much of the life on Earth. Like us. So similar creatures to the ones that once roamed this planet and still do, are sure to exist on other planets with similar climatic and environmental conditions. In fact, we were taken from planets remarkably similar to each of Earth’s climatic zones and were placed in them much like a prison planet.

Earth Chosen For Human Exile

The theory of exile establishes that humans did not evolve on Earth, but were instead exiled to this planet approximately 50,000 to 60,000 years ago. The theory’s based on three very valid premises:
1. Human behavior
2. Genetics
3. Archeological, anthropological and paleontological timelines

Human Behavior

Who are we? We’re the children of magnificent worlds that we’ve never known. Our ancestors once lived freely throughout the universe, the direct descendants and distant relatives of extraterrestrials who still do. We once shared all of the rights, responsibilities and technologies. But, our ancestors were exiled to Earth because of our behavior. Now, there’s no denying that humans have some absolutely amazing and wonderful qualities. We can be and are incredibly creative, kind, compassionate and loving. But we can also be terribly cruel, vindictive, vengeful and murderous. We lie, steal, cheat, rape, murder and pollute. We victimize everything, even our own kind. We’re a horrible menace to ourselves, to all of the creatures of this world and to all life elsewhere in the universe. So, we were exiled to Earth to contain and restrict the horrific propensities humans continue to have and exhibit today.

Human Genetics

Science claims that numerous DNA studies strongly indicate modern man (Cro Magnun/homo sapien sapien) emerged from the African continent approximately 50,000 to 60,000 years ago. It further claims that those who emerged so suddenly from Africa were the result of a combination of millions of years of evolution, interbreeding and natural selection. Yet, there has never been any fossil evidence or other proof of an indisputable direct evolutionary link to even one of the hominins who predated modern humans, so it’s like science is trying to compare apples to oranges.

Human Archeological, Anthropological and Paleontological Timelines

There’s no denying that a huge number of fossils from multiple species of hominins have been found all around the world. Some are very, very old. Some not nearly so old. And some intitially appear to be closely related to us. But when carefully examined, they’re not. Ditto for great many of the ‘ancient tools’ claimed to have been made from 150,000 to 300,000 years ago. Some may actually just be the result of natural erosion, decay, accidental impact, wonderful imagination and wishful thinking, or, though terrible to think about, the tools were left on prehistoric sites by our ancestors when they wiped out competing native species such as the Neanderthals.

children looking at Earth

The Missing Link

Throughout history there’s been an enormous number of conjectures, surmising’s, projections, predictions, assumptions and frauds about the ancestry of man. Almost all are based on fossils from species that are not directly related to ours. Each claim says it’s established the mythical evolutionary link of our ancestry to pre-existing hominins, but to date, not one has actually ever produced undeniable proof. One of the most famous, widely acclaimed and successful scientific attempts to fool the public into believing that science had at last found the ‘missing link’, was the Piltdown Man Fraud.

We Possess God-Like Powers

Claiming that modern man descended from apes is very much like claiming that apes descended from baboons. We’re a very distinct and different species from all others that existed on this world prior to our arrival. Yes, of course we share some genetic similarities with the homo sapiens of this world, just as we do with hominins of other worlds. But physically we’re just as different from Neanderthal man as apes are from chimpanzees. And the greatest thing that separates us from all other life forms on this world is that we are the only species that possesses the god-like powers of life and death and of creation and destruction. So, the answer to our ancestry isn’t what scientists have found, but what they haven’t found, which is absolute proof that our distinct species, homo sapien sapiens – a subset of homo sapiens – ever existed anywhere on this world prior to 50,000 to 60,000 years ago.

Why Exile Not Extermination?

The questions of why we weren’t simply genetically ‘repaired’ and then reintroduced into intergalactic society, or just exterminated, are often asked. There are two probable reasons: 1) Forced genetic modification of intelligent life forms was strictly forbidden, and, 2) Mass murder wasn’t an option. So, an efficient and ‘humane solution’ was found. Exile. Identifying and isolating those whose DNA matched the profile for exile presented problems, but was accomplished nonetheless. Our ancestors were those selected.

Exile needed to be to somewhere far removed from intergalactic society. A world so distant that it would prevent, or at the very least severely inhibit any outside contact. But finding the ideal planet wasn’t easy. Finally, an ideal planet with multiple climatic zones far enough away was located orbiting a star on the far outskirts of the Andromeda galaxy. A massive fleet of UFOs was assembled, our ancestors were stripped of all technology and loaded for the long journey to Earth. Upon arrival, our ancestors were placed on continents selected for climatic similarities to former worlds.

Neanderthals Watching Humans Being Exiled To Earth

Neanderthals watching UFOs unload humans on Earth.

An Intergalactic Whoops!

And so the ancestry of man on Earth began. It’d been thought that if our ancestors were to survive in such a primal state without tools and deprived of all technology, they’d need to build relationships (possibly even interbreed) with one or more of Earth’s native hominoid species. It was a belief that was proven to be very wrong. Instead we caused a creative explosion of technological ingenuity, social formations and ideological complexity never before seen on the entire planet, causing Earth’s paleoanthropological and archaeological picture to change dramatically. We brought about an abrupt and dramatic change to subsistence patterns (how food was gathered), created and used tools and had defined symbolic expressions (cultures) worldwide. This stunning change in survival and cultural adaptation was not merely a quantitative one, but one that represented a significant departure from all other creatures, reflecting a major qualitative transformation.

Modern Humans Appear For First Time In History

For the first time in its history, Earth became witness to art, architecture, animal husbandry, agriculture, written languages, advanced mathematics, technology, law, religion and government. Unfortunately, it also became witness to the atrocities of humans. One of our first atrocities was driving Neanderthals, competing life forms who’d been at the top of Earth’s food chain for well over 350,000 years, to near global extinction in just a few thousand years.

The Decision To Exile Humans Was Not Unanimous

However, the decision to exile us wasn’t unanimously agreed upon. So, from the dawn of humanity’s arrival on Earth those who opposed our sentence have assisted the advancement of select civilizations. This assistance always resulted in dramatic leaps of intellectual ability and technological accomplishment. Unfortunately, virtually all of the civilizations that once benefited from advanced technological gifts ended quite suddenly and very often tragically. Some vanished instantly using methods that remain unknown. So instantly that prepared meals were still untouched on tables and drinking utensils were full. Since our arrival on Earth, UFO sightings have documented for thousands of years all around the world, confirming that we have been and continue to be observed and assessed.

Closing Thoughts

The idea that Earth is a “prison planet” is not supported by mainstream science, or widely accepted by the scientific community. It is primarily a concept found in science fiction, fringe beliefs and alternative theories.

In these alternative theories concerning the origin of man, the notion is that Earth is a place where advanced extraterrestrial beings have confined or exiled humans for various reasons. However, these claims lack empirical evidence that’s currently recognized, so are often claimed to be false, based on speculative or unverifiable information.

Mainstream science firmly believes that it offers well-established explanations for Earth’s history and the evolution of life on our planet. These explanations are accepted by consensus in fields such as geology, biology, astronomy and paleontology, which do not support the idea that Earth is a prison for humanity. Therefore, mainstream science is extremely resistant and even adversarial toward conflicting information, which ironically, is actually quite contrary to good science.