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UFO Occupants – Aliens Visit Earth

Unidentified flying objects have visited Earth from the dawn of time.

There have been sightings of UFOs, of aliens, and even reported abductions by aliens, that stretch back to the very beginning of our history on Earth.

Drawings and sculptures of UFOs and aliens are found globally, and have been created over thousands of years. As you have read, the theory of exile on Earth is based on aliens transporting us here a very long time ago.

UFO Flying Over Old Train Station
All Aboard!

Despite deliberate attempts by persons with reason to suppress such information, there is little doubt that we continue to be visited by some very remarkable beings, and each time we have direct contact with UFOs, it spawns huge technological advances.

There are many descriptions of aliens, with the most common descriptions of extraterrestrial visitors being of two types; ‘Grays’ and “Reptilian’. However, there are also thousands of reports of very human looking aliens, beings who look exactly like us, except healthier, more youthful, and with ‘beautiful’ dispositions.

The aliens who look human-like are actually our most common visitors, because they walk among us almost unrecognized. These aliens are our interstellar relatives who know that if we knew they walked among us, it would set off global witch hunts that would result in wrongful harm to millions of persons. These aliens are described as ‘glowing with health’, ‘very kind’, and with a ‘benevolent disposition’.

Gray And Reptilian Extraterrestrial Visitors

The Gray and Reptilian aliens are quite different from human-like aliens.

Descriptions from thousands of witnesses over thousands of years, state these aliens seem to be able to communicate telepathically, because there are no lips, or the lips do not move. Their interest in human development seems far more scientific than social, and when asked, the aliens admit that they are from other worlds.

Gray and Reptilian Alien Visitors
Gray And Reptilian Aliens Have Visited Earth For Thousands Of Years

Gray and Reptilian aliens are not really living beings as we understand them. They are composed of organic and biomechatronic body parts, and are used much like a ‘glove box’ is used to handle hazardous materials. This allows UfO Occupants to examine humans (prisoners) and other life from safe distances when they choose, minimizing risk of biological contamination, and/or dirrect contact by themselves. The use of bio-robotic tools also seems to be a technical way to get around actual physical contact with us, but is likely forbidden, or there would be a lot more of it.

Glove Box Isolator

Advanced Interspecies Communication

Using advanced interspecies communication, aliens can make their thoughts known to us, and read our feelings, which allows them to respond preemptively and appropriately. Their ability to uncannily know what we are thinking the very second that we think it, and to speak without moving their lips, is often confused with a form of telepathy. The alien’s large eyes are most likely a type of video camera used to transmit images to the operator as they reads and record auras. They likely have internal speakers so they are able to project voices realistically, but with no physical movement.

UFOs Are Real. Aliens Are Real.

They have a great deal of interest in us, and they will play a very important role in our future.

Perhaps it may be an excellent idea for mankind to start paying a lot more attention to UFOs and aliens, and stop paying any attention to persons with agendas that suppress information about UFOs.

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