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Interspecies Communication – Theory Of Universal Language

Communication With Aliens Is Now Within Reach

The Lewis Theory of Interspecies Communication states that the key to interspecies communication is the observation, recording and data processing of...

The drive to communicate makes the possibility of communicating with other worlds irresistible, so as our technology developed, we turned our attention to the skies and beyond. Over the last few decades scientists and engineers have checked hundreds of possible methods, spent billions of dollars, and invested millions of man hours to prove that we are not alone in the vastness of the universe.

Human and Alien communicating by touching fingers
Human and Alien Communicating

To date they have been wildly unsuccessful. One of the primary reasons for the failure to establish contact with other life in the universe is that they have been using the wrong methods, and even though everyone has been looking, no one knows what they are even looking for.

Communicating With Aliens

There are two basic types of communication that most life forms we know have in common. These are sounds and body language/signs (biosemiotics). For centuries, we have improved our ability to relay our thoughts and feelings among our own species, going from simple grunts and gross body movements, to extremely complex and interrelated forms of communication. We have even developed very basic communication with a number of domesticated species.

Interspecies communication is different than other forms of communication.

Interspecies communication is a completely different form of communication in both how it is transmitted and received. Interspecies communication relies on what is invisible to the human eye, it is a universal language and it is a completely honest form of communication.

In order to accelerate human capability, I will explain the fundamentals of communication with other speices by sharing The Lewis Theory of Interspecies Communication. By following my method, mankind will finally be able to communicate with multiple other species, including other life in the universe.

Kirlian Method Of Photography

Apple Showing Kirlian Aura Cell Showing Kirlian Aura Leaf Showing Kirlian Aura Wrench Showing Kirlian Aura
Samples Of Kirlian Method Of Photography Showing That All Things Exude Auras

The Lewis Theory of Interspecies Communication states…

The key to interspecies communication (universal language), is the observation, recording and data processing of the magnetic fields (also known as auras) that all things in the universe possess and exude (evidenced by the photographs of fields using the old Kirlian method of photography). Interspecies communication is in essence a very advanced form of biosemiotics.

Many species on earth are able to partially detect these magnetic fields, or auras, which change in color and intensity according to stimuli, and have a basic understanding of their meaning. This is why some animals seem to be able to ‘sense’ what we are feeling. However, the narrow range of the light spectrum that can be observed by the human eye, and a lack of knowledge of what we are looking for, keep us from observing and comprehending the fields. Though we cannot consciously see these glowing magnetic manifestations, we still unconsciously know that they are there, and are affected by them.

In order to accomplish interspecies communication, the following steps must be followed:

  1. The first step is to design and manufacture variable magnetic field observation and transmission technology, capable of accurately reading, recording, and reproducing the magnetic field activity patterns from stationary and mobile objects.
  2. The second step is to build an accurate transmitter of magnetic field patterns.
  3. The third step is to take a sample population of a select species, then carefully observe and record all behaviors and field fluctuations twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, for a defined period of time.
  4. The fourth step is to correlate the recorded data according to environment, activity, behavior and stimuli to identify patterns and then translate them into a functional language.
  5. The fifth step is to use this language to communicate with the species.

The Lewis Theory of Interspecies Communication will provide, in a very short period of time, a method that will allow humans to communicate quite accurately with the sampled species, without sound or motion.

Boy Sitting On Ground Looking At UFO In The Night Sky

By using the process of observation, documentation and analysis of the magnetic fields projected by cells, the potential medical applications are endless, perhaps one day soon allowing physicians to selectively manipulate cell activity on command, giving them the ability to 'turn off' cancer.

Mankind's ability to communicate with other species will inevitably lead to receiving and transmitting interstellar communications, beginning an age of sharing knowledge and culture with worlds beyond our own.

My theory of communication between species reveals how Earth’s interstellar visitors have been able to communicate with us ‘without moving their lips’ (frequently described as slits). It also explains the odd lens shaped eyes that are commonly reported in encounters, and the aliens ability to communicate with any other species with ease.

The Lewis Theory of Interspecies Communication is plausible, easily provable, and is guaranteed to alter the future of mankind in profound ways. There is no doubt that one day my theory will be proven, and I will proud to know that even in some little way, I helped humans to finally truly communicate with other worlds.
~ W. Lewis

Last but not least, I leave you with knowledge of who is operating the UFOs that have frequented Earth’s skies for thousands of years.

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