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The Fate Of Man Is In Our Hands

The Fate Of Man Depends On The Decisions That Humanity Now Makes

The fate of man now depends upon the decisions that humanity makes about a number of issues such as the environment, social policies and space exploration.

Nothing will affect the fate of man more than the behavior of mankind, which to date, has been deplorable. Extraterrestrials previously decided the fate of man when humans were exiled on Earth, and now our fate rests entirely upon the choices we make.

Two children holding hands looking at Earth from a different planet.
The Fate Of Man Is In Our Own Hands

Man Has Been Warned To Change Since The First Day On Earth

Extraterrestrials have warned mankind to change for a very long time. And, the warning to change has been global. In fact, they have warned us so often, and in so many parts of the world, that if there is one spiritual thread that runs throughout all human history, it is the knowledge of our need to change our evil nature. Virtually every society and all religions throughout history have warned of great danger to mankind if it does not become ‘righteous’, if it does not ‘repent from sin’, or ‘cleanse’ itself from evil thoughts and actions.

The warning for us to change has existed in many forms from generation to generation, for thousands and thousands of years, everywhere on Earth. Because extraterrestrial contact with us has always been strictly forbidden, except for mandated testing and assessment, interstellar sympathizers risked their lives to warn our ancestors of the terrible fate that we face if we refuse to change. A fate we now stand ready to face unchanged.

It is imperative to the survival of man to use all possible resources to locate, then remove or repair whatever it is that makes us such a threat to each other, to this planet, and to peace in the universe. This solitary change in human nature will usher in a new era of civilization on Earth, and in the universe. Imagine a world where there is no greed, or fear of each other. A world of love and respect, and a world without of war.

Mankind is destroying life on planet Earth.

Angry Man Face Made With Fire

We are deliberately and systematically exhausting the resources and poisoning the land, air and water that we need to survive. By making the betterment of man a priority, the world will still change, but in a beautiful and environmentally responsible way. The decision to change our behaviors must be of our own collective free will. Continued denial of our problem, and failure to take appropriate action, is very likely suicidal.

We now rapidly approach the junction in time where humanity’s path comes to a crossroads. Down one path lies imminent and certain destruction. Down the other is the fulfillment of our destiny; living peacefully throughout the vast reaches of the universe. We are not a natural part of this planet’s evolution. The origin of man is extraterrestrial. We are exiled aliens, strangers on a strange world. Only change can save us from certain destruction, either by our own hand, or by the hand of others.

Mankind has demonstrated unlimited potential, but it is critical to the fate of man to now use that amazing potential toward building a safe and sustainable future. The advanced drive technologies, electronics and metallurgical miracles that we need for safe interstellar travel lie dormant in us. We are very near to achieving interspecies communication. And, interstellar flight will occur once there is a radical departure from our concept of propulsion. However, we may never reveal the wonders within us if we continue the way we are, for we stand on the verge of global annihilation. Our fate awaits.

In conclusion, whether you agree or disagree with the theory that mankind was exiled to Earth, thank you for taking the time to read through my website. My theory of exile details my belief about who we are, when we were put here, why we were put here, what we need to do, and how the future will unfold – depending on our choice(s). Secretly, I pray that I am wrong, but scientific fact gathered to date clearly indicates that I am correct about the origin of man.

Communication May Decide The Fate Of ManKind

Aliens attempting to communicate with earth.

The ability for man to be able to communicate with other life forms on Earth and beyond, is also becoming increasingly important. However, we are currently going about it all wrong. There is a language that all life forms throughout the universe use, and one that we have the ability to learn. And, by learning this ancient form of communication, we will at last be able to communicate with other life, not just on this world, but on other worlds too.

The fate of man depends on our ability to learn to communicate with other species, so I leave you with my theory about how interspecies communication is made possible. To view my theory, please visit the page ‘Interspecies Communication’.

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